Ditch the junk drawer, keep your stacks organized and ready for just $14


Organize, store and protect your batteries and never have to rummage through the dreaded junk drawer again. The battery organizer holds a total of 93 batteries of different sizes, giving you enough space to keep a variety of batteries handy. Whether you store your battery organizer in a drawer, on a shelf, or mount it on the wall, you’ll always be able to find your hiding place whenever your remote control or smoke alarm needs a switch, or a celebration brings a new toy that doesn’t need batteries to make it work. take yours Battery Organizer while it’s 31% off and only pay $14 at Amazon.

The battery organizer also comes with a removable battery tester to help you see if your batteries are still good. The tester itself does not require any batteries to operate, as it runs on the power of the battery you are testing. Plus, the hinged lid is see-through, so you can take a quick inventory of your batteries to see which sizes you have in stock and which might be time to restock. Whether you’re trying to organize your kitchen, garage, workspace, or any other space in your home, the Battery Organizer is on standby to keep you charged, so get one today.

Need batteries to stay there? Amazon gives you tons of options, some of which are even on sale today.


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