Best cheap TV deals: Save over $150 on a TCL 4 Series, $100 on Vizio 65in and up


Shopping for a new TV these days can be a bit daunting. With high-quality specs like “8K resolution” and “AI-assisted imaging”, you may feel like you’re going to end up paying for a whole host of features you don’t really need. need. Sometimes all you’re really looking for is a decent screen, a simple interface, and reliable performance. Don’t worry, the market for these types of TVs is still going strong, and as advanced models become more affordable, there are plenty of deals on these budget options.

You can verify our full list of the best TVs that cost under $500 here. Below, you’ll find the best deals currently available on some of these models, as well as some comparable TVs you can grab at a discount. Deals come and go frequently, so check back here often for the best prices.


It’s not the exact same TCL model that tops our sub-$500 list, but it’s the same series. Even at full price, the TCL 4 Series is one of the best value TVs we’ve seen. For just under $300, this 50-inch TV delivers 4K ultra high-definition picture, complete with HDR. Plus, it comes with Roku built-in, giving you access to all your favorite streaming apps right out of the box.


Vizio’s V-Series made its way onto our under $500 list because it comes with Chromecast and Apple AirPlay built-in, which many other smart TVs don’t. These allow you to stream, or even mirror, content from your phone or computer. It also offers a 4K UHD image and an active processor IQ which improves the quality of any non-4K content. We liked the image quality of the TCL above more, but the convenience of this model is hard to beat.


If you’re looking for a budget TV that’s a bit on the small side, you won’t find a better deal than this. At $123 off, the 43-inch model has the biggest percentage discount of any size available on Amazon. Besides its 4K UHD resolution, it’s compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so if you have smart devices in your home, you can control it using the sound of your voice.


The TCL 3 Series made its way onto our sub-$500 list as our favorite ultra-cheap option. At $250, it’s the only TV on our list that doesn’t support 4K picture. However, it comes with Roku built-in, so you can still stream all your favorite shows and movies. With 1080p resolution and three HDMI ports, this is a no-frills smart TV that gives you exactly what you pay for.


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