Amazon vs. Best Buy: Who has the best tech deals?



It’s time to buy smart and get the best possible price on this year’s best tech. (Source: iStock)

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When it comes to buying advanced technologies like Apple AirPods or a touchscreen laptop, Amazon and Best Buy are some of the most reliable and comprehensive retailers out there. Both sellers have significant sales, but who has the best deals?

The answer may change depending on the device you are considering and whether or not you want fast delivery. Keep reading to find out if Amazon or Best Buy is the best place to buy some of the the hottest technology on the market.

Where to shop? It depends

In short, the best deal for you often depends on your own individual needs. If you live in a remote area or want to make sure packages arrive on time, fast, reliable shipping is almost as important as a low price. Besides price differences, Amazon and Best Buy often run different promotions alongside their sales. It’s time to break down the details of three different Sales featuring some of the most wanted tech parts this holiday season so you know where to start shopping.

Apple AirPods (2nd generation)

These headphones feature a 24-hour listening time and effortless setup. (Source: Amazon)

These headphones feature a 24-hour listening time and effortless setup. (Source: Amazon)

Amazon: $79.99 (original $159.99)

best buy: $99.99 (original $129.99)

Who doesn’t want to enjoy crystal clear wireless sound with Bluetooth connectivity wherever they go? It’s no wonder everyone desperately wants a pair of AirPods, and Black Friday sales like this give you the opportunity to get some at an affordable price. Amazon is currently offering the best price on these second-generation headphones; however, there are other details to consider.

Amazon delivery is backed up on this popular item and the earliest available delivery date is December 4th. Although Amazon generally offers better prices and faster delivery, if you live within a few hours of a Best Buy store, you may be able to get next day delivery or pick them up at your local store. Even if you don’t live near a Best Buy, they have them in stock for delivery before December. The Best Buy sale also includes a free 4-month subscription to Apple Music.

If price is your only concern, then Amazon has the best deal on Airpods, but if you want them before December or like the idea of ​​trying Apple Music, you should get your headphones from best buy.

Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch

Monitor your heart health, skin temperature, and stress levels with this smartwatch. (Source: Amazon)

Monitor your heart health, skin temperature, and stress levels with this smartwatch. (Source: Amazon)

Amazon: $189.00 (original $299.95)

best buy: $139.95 (original $249.95)

It can’t hurt to stay healthy, and the Fitbit Sense makes it easy to train regularly and manage your diet. This high-tech watch tracks your heart rate and blood oxygen levels. It is also equipped with a GPS for hikes and long runs.

Best Buy started selling earlier this year and although many Fitbits on Amazon are at discounted price, few boast prices below $200. Best Buy also offers faster shipping options if you live near one of their stores, and only a few of the more expensive Senses on Amazon offer next day delivery. When you buy one of these smartwatches from Amazon or Best Buy, you unlock 6 months of Fitbit premium, but with such a big price difference and faster shipping/pickup available, it’s clear that best buy is the best place to buy a Fitbit Sense right now.

Microsoft – Surface Pro 7+ – 12.3″ Touchscreen

This gadget combines the basic processing power of a laptop with the versatility of a tablet. (Source: Amazon)

This gadget combines the basic processing power of a laptop with the versatility of a tablet. (Source: Amazon)

Amazon: $431.99 (original $474.99)

best buy: $599.99 (original $929.99)

Many modern laptops like the Microsoft Surface Pro have detachable touchscreens and keyboards, making them great for things like digital art and design. Computers are complicated machines, and some nuanced differences can create massive price changes, so you need to think carefully about your needs before deciding where to buy a new laptop.

Amazon’s Surface Pro is over $100 cheaper than Best Buy’s similar model, and both laptops have the same 128 gigabytes of storage. The best deal might seem obvious, but Best Buy’s laptop actually has a newer version i3 processor with an additional 4 gigabytes of RAM. Amazon’s laptop with 4 gigabytes of RAM can run a few programs at a time and is great for programs like Word, Powerpoint, and basic drawing software; however, Best Buy’s laptop has an 8 gigabyte processor that can handle multiple programs at once, as well as video editing and graphics design software.

Best Buy’s comparable Surface Pro also comes with a few extra bells and whistles like Windows 11 instead of Windows 10. If all you need is a laptop that can handle day-to-day work, then you should save some time and money on your purchases. Amazonbut if you need a more powerful machine that can run larger programs, then Best Buys option would be better suited.

It all comes down to the details

Now that you know exactly where to buy these three products, you also have a good idea of ​​how to approach the purchase of the other. tech parts on your holiday shopping list. Whereas Amazon often has lower prices and faster shipping, they’re being saved on select items this holiday season. The little details are hugely important when shopping for complicated pieces of tech over the holidays. Don’t always assume that a lower price means a best deal. It pays to consider shipping, benefits, and your specific needs.

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