Amazon kids’ plan offers Fire 7 tablet and Echo Dot for just $ 80


If you’re still looking for a last-minute Christmas present – or a post-holiday gift – for the kids in your life, Amazon has a set you might want to check out. The e-commerce giant sells a Fire 7 Kids tablet and an Echo Kids speaker set for just $ 80, which is 50% off their original retail prices. You can get the 7-inch tablet in purple, pink, or blue, while the accompanying Echo Dot speaker has a panda design.

Buy Amazon Fire 7 Kids Tablet + Echo Dot Kids Bundle on Amazon – $ 80

the Fire 7 Kids tablet alone normally costs $ 100, although Amazon has been selling it for $ 60 since early December. As for the fourth generation Echo point for kids, its original retail price is $ 60, but it has been listed at $ 35 since November. Even taking into account the discounted prices, you’ll still save $ 15 if you get the package instead of getting each item on its own.

Amazon’s bundle includes one year of access to Amazon Kids +, plus all of its apps, games, books, audiobooks, and videos. You (or the child’s parents or guardian) can allow the recipient to access apps like Netflix or games like Minecraft via the Amazon Parent dashboard. This is also where the child’s guardian can set usage time limits, filter out explicit songs, and review Echo Dot activity. Of course, the recipient of the bundle can also ask Alexa to play child-friendly Audible books or interactive games from the Kids + subscription service on their Echo Dot panda speaker.

Offer is a limited time offer and is only available for an additional 19 hours at the time of writing. After that, the price of the package will likely drop back to $ 95.

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